10 Reasons to know you are from New Hampshire

by Monday, January 19, 2015

10 Reasons How to Know you are from New Hampshire

thewanderlustyogi.netYou can’t start your day without a Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Every New Hampshire resident  knows that Dunkin Donuts coffee is the only coffee you should drink. Any other name, just doesn’t cut it. This opinion is obvious while driving around the state, because you see a Dunkin Donuts at almost every corner, every gas station, and even inside our grocery stores. No matter where you live in this state, even the most rural parts, it is not hard to find a Dunkin Donut close by. It’s pure happiness when you can easily spot it’s orange and pink logo from a distance, while the slogan rings in your head, “it’s time to make the donuts”. It is also quite common to drink iced coffee all year round, even if its 25 degrees in the dead of winter. If you are seen drinking Starbucks, you may be considered snobby or too hoity- toity. Its pretty much frowned upon, so when in New Hampshire, drink Dunkin Donuts, or as we call it, “Dunks” to fit in.“Live Free or Die”  is not only our motto, but our way of life.

Being the only state in the country that doesn’t require wearing seat-belts, except for children, seems ridiculous, but is true. We also don’t require wearing a helmet while driving a motorcycle. “Riding a motorcycle without the wind running through your hair just isn’t the same”, is a common phase said and belief of NH motorcycle enthusiasts. Taking away that freedom to some would be blasphemous.  You can see the popularity of this every year for the last 91 years and running, at the world’s oldest motorcycle rally at Laconia’s Bike week, which starts every Father’s Day weekend. This year  hosting over 430,000 people from all over the country and world.“Leaf peeping” is an annual tradition.
When fall hits we know its that season again, to go for a ride to the White Mountains and admire the eye catching fall foliage that New Hampshire offers. The best time, when the leaves peak, is usually in October around Columbus Day.  This is not only popular to NH residents, but now people come from everywhere to get a glimpse of this picturesque natural beauty.

Old Man on the Mountain, before and after

You were deeply saddened that the face of the Old Man on the mountain fell off on May 3rd, 2003.
The iconic symbol of New Hampshire, the Old Man on the Mountain, or also referred to as, “The Great Stone Face” was on the side of Cannon Mt. at Franconia Notch. This 40 foot-tall natural rock formation that resembled an old man’s face, could be viewed while driving on Interstate 93, about 65 miles north of Concord. It was once New Hampshire’s number 1 tourist attraction, and one on the most recognizable symbols of New Hampshire. The face appeared on the state quarter, our road signs and countless souvenirs and tourist brochures, but now just a memory.

Christa McAuliffe

Alan B. Shepard

You have been to the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center.
Opening in 1990, as a tribute to what was supposed to be the first teacher in space, Christa McAullife, a Concord, NH teacher died in 1985, in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. It was an honor for her and the entire state of New Hampshire for her to be chosen out of 11,000 applicants to take part in the NASA Teacher in Space Project. As a member of the mission she was planning to conduct experiments and teach 2 lessons from space. If you we old enough to remember that day, it was a very tragic day for America and even more so, for New Hampshire, and her family and friends who lost her. Also, its namesake was for another NH resident, Alan B. Shepard, who was the first American in space in 1961 from Derry, NH. The memory of him in Derry, who has since died in 1998, is still apparent by our post office being named after him, Derry’s nickname, being referred to as, “”Space-town” and the local high school, Pinkerton Academy where he was a graduate, mascot is called the “Astros”.

meteorologist Al Kaprielian

You watch WMUR channel new 9 for local news, but if you want to hear “real news”, you turn to channel 4, 5 or 7 for Boston news channels.
This may sound a bit rude, but if you are a New Hampshire resident, you must admit this is the truth. We also can’t forget our most popular and wacky weatherman Al Kaprielian, a meteorologist, that reported the weather on WNDS channel 50 in Derry, NH for over 25 years. This quirky guy’s distinguishable, high-pitched Boston- accent, squealed out the weather forecast, while doing jumping-jacks, adding props, you name it, was strangely beloved by locals as well as many all over New England. His goofy ways and crazy antics were so popular, he had an almost cult-like following. You never knew what he was going to do, you just watched with curiosity and delight, wondering how he is allowed to do the things he did. I don’t think anyone even cared what the weather was that he was reporting. We just wanted to see what he was going to do next. Even called him one of the craziest weathermen of all time, saying, “he looks like he was allowed to take hard drugs every night before work.”

thewanderlustyogi.netYou go to Lake Winnepesaukee every summer.
Or as New Hampshire folks call it, “ Lake Winnie”. It is he largest lake in New Hampshire and it draws people from all over. This popular summer vacation spot is also loved by many celebrities and was the name inspiration for the Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon’s daughter. He also proposed to his wife there at her family’s lake house. Lake Winnepesaukee was also influenced in films such as On Golden Pond, What about Bob?, and Grown Ups. Although even us locals don’t know how to spell it correctly, we do know how to enjoy lake Winnepesaukee and all of the Lakes region.

Adam Sandler. Oh, and look, he loves Dunks too!

You know where Adam Sandler’s parents live.
Famous comedian Adam Sandler was from Manchester, NH and his parent still live in the same house his was raised in today. New Hampshire residents love sharing that funny man Sandler is from our state.

thewanderlustyogi.netHampton Beach is the beach you most frequent, but most embarrassed to admit.
Although Hampton Beach is the most popular beach to visit on the Atlantic ocean in New Hampshire, it is also looked at as the cheesiest, some would even call it kind of “white trashy”. While just north of it, with beaches like Rye and Jennes State, is considered more classy or more family oriented, Hampton is still the busiest and most visited in New Hampshire. Hampton Beach is known for it’s crowded beaches, loud strip with cars filled with rowdy teens making their rounds, blasting their tunes out their windows, and low-budget souvenir shops. It still has its charm though, with fireworks every Wednesday and Saturday night in the summer and it’s Seafood Festival in September. Maybe because we all grew up going there on weekends or staying there for our 4th of July week vacation, we have a nostalgic feeling when we are there. It has, in more recent years, cleaned up a bit, by adding new condominiums, higher end shops and even a casino, with hopes to change it’s reputation and make it a more sophisticated beachside destination.

thewanderlustyogi.netManchester Airport was our best kept secret for travel instead of having to deal with Logan Airport in Boston.
We love how it is so easy to get in and out of our little airport, with cheap parking and easy access to highways, without having to deal with Boston traffic and expensive parking prices at Logan Airport. While it is still very convenient and easier than Logan, with added flights, including even some International flights, we are all secretly scared that it may become just as busy and aggravating as Logan someday, and are annoyed when Massachusetts residents use “our airport” They have their own.

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