7 Ways to Unplug from Social Media

by Monday, February 12, 2018

The more time you unplug from social media, the more you’ll want to put your phone away and connect with yourself, friends, and the world around you.

It’s so hard to turn your brain off these days and get some peace and quiet. There are so many fun and addicting distractions. Television is available on demand virtually everywhere. How often do you find yourself Netflix bingeing an entire season of the best new series? Been there, done that!

There are so many ways to get messages from friends, relevant news about your city or town, updates about your favorite sports teams, those stunning photos of your friend’s trip to India, and now even the latest on what our President is up to on Twitter!  What a time to be alive!

It’s all there.  Right at your fingertips. And that makes it so hard to unplug for quiet and rejuvenating time to simply do nothing.  Doing nothing is simply breathing, sitting and being mindful. It is a simple strategy for taking care of yourself anyone can implement. The problem: many of us find it hard to do nothing with our phones and the Internet constantly grabbing our attention.

Did Einstein foresee this endemic of our society today?

Doing nothing is time for you to unwind and relax. And that will mostly mean being offline. If that scares you, fear not. Start small. You’ll benefit from even the smallest change in your online habits. And when you start feeling these benefits—less stress, more focus—you’ll put yourself in a feel-good feedback loop. The more time you spend offline doing nothing, the more you’ll want to put your phone away and connect with yourself, friends, and the world around you.

7 Ways to Unplug from Social Media

  1. Leave your phone at home for quick errands. Get used to that feeling of not having it in your pocket/bag.
  2. Put your phone to sleep for the night. Leave it charging in another room—not your bedroom. Yes, dust off that alarm clock and start using it again.
  3. Turn off push notifications for most of your apps.
  4. Have a day offline. It could be once a week or once a month. It could be complete (you actually turn your phone off) or just partial (you only answer phone calls).
  5. Set some evenings each week to be screen-free. This means no television, phone, iPad, or computer. Get used to, and start enjoying, the offline life.
  6. Stop checking and returning messages immediately. Set a time each day for reading and replying to personal emails and messages.
  7. Make a point of connecting with friends and family in person. You’ll start to crave more real-life interaction and rely on your phone less to nurture and grow friendships.

Doing Nothing Is a Path to Overall Health and Happiness

Better sleep, less anxiety, deeper relationships, less stress: There are so many reasons to make doing nothing a regular part of your life. The big one is that you will enjoy your life more. By regularly taking these restorative breaks, you prioritize your wellness (it feels good to do something positive for yourself), you make yourself a more engaged and present friend/sibling/parent/employee, and you get clarity on the things, people, and activities that make you feel good.

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