I’m Jessica “The Wanderlust Yogi”, but most people just call me Jess!  Here is a little background about me:


First of all, I am a mom of two amazing kids[adults]. My oldest is a son named Tyler, who just celebrated his 21st birthday in Vegas!(am I really that old?)  Anyway, he is a talented film maker and photographer with his own business; producing music videos, filming weddings and offering many other forms of media services. He is working towards his goal of becoming the next Quentin Tarantino.

Ty doing film work for the Goodwood band



My second child is a daughter named Maddie, who is 17 years old and caught the travel bug from her mom (yup, that’s me). She has already traveled extensively in her young age, with places such as India, Thailand, the Middle East and this past summer, being part of a volunteer program in South Africa. She plans on going to college this upcoming fall for Global Business with hopes of finding a school that offers an abroad program. Her goal is to start a career in business that she can travel the world. She shares her travel stories here on YouTube.

me and Maddie heading to our 3 country adventure


I am also a wife to a great guy named Brice, who is part of the family business, as a home inspector. (Ask Inspector BriceHe may not have the urge to travel the world like me and my daughter, but he supports me[us] and understands the wanderlust. He joins me on some of my trips, but he mainly likes places like Europe or the Caribbean, he will leave India and Africa for me! He was even willing to take part in my “dental tourism” story and be my so-called, guinea pig, by getting dental work done in Costa Rica as an option for those without dental insurance.

I’m happy to report that the dental tourism trip was a complete success!




Read the full story here:

How I Saved $7,000 For Dental Work in Costa Rica

I also have a dog named Gabby. She is a cute Boston Terrier that I consider my third child.

one of the only pictures of us all together, Gabby is not too happy to be in it


I was a full-time dental hygienist, who left my career, to pursue my dream of traveling the world. I currently still do temporary work as a dental hygienist, but mostly, I am a travel blogger (aka digital nomad), a yoga instructor, a freelance writer, and a reiki master. When I’m not writing, bending you in crazy positions, or balancing your chakras, I am exploring the world, one continent at a time. I even sometimes help my husband with his business. I like to call myself a jack-of-all-trades.


I love to travel(no kidding), stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), the ocean, yoga, meditation, music, tea, cheese of any kind, and dining al fresco. I loathe being cold, which makes it tough living in New Hampshire and suffering from Raynaud’s Syndrome, but I somehow survive. I want to learn another language and how to play the guitar and I am currently enrolled in an online class through Harvard University called “World Religions Through Their Scriptures”. I believe you should never stop learning!


I started this travel blog last year, mainly as a fun way to share my travels with friends and family. Eventually it turned into my official travel blog to share with the world. I write about budget, family, couple and solo travel. I also help with advice for dental tourism trips, write about healthy lifestyle(sober) travel and help plan yoga retreats.  Additionally, I write hotel and restaurant reviews and create travel guide books.

All of these things I do through this blog is to help people realize that they can travel for cheaper than they think, and to places they could only imagine in their wildest dreams. Some of my stories may be about embarrassing mistakes I’ve made (so that YOU won’t do the same). I’ll try to share as many travel tips as I can, secrets I’ve learned, hot spots to visit, and the latest trends in travel. Anything I find out about travel and tourism, I plan to share right here on the blog. I hope to make a positive impact on everyone I meet around the world and my goal is to inspire people to travel!

I’ve made some huge and risky changes in my life to live my dreams. I want people to believe that they can do they same, no matter what their dreams may be. If you live your life always waiting for later, or that perfect time to start really living the life you want, that day may never come. Make your someday, today!!!

P.S. Did you floss today?