Cuba Travel 2015, Who’s going?

by Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cuba travel 2015?  Now that it is legal for entry into the country of Cuba, many people from the United States are considering going there for their next vacation destination, but should they?

Since 1962 there has been a Trade Embargo that has restricted travel to Cuba for US citizens. In recent months President Obama has worked with the Cuban government to lift some of these restrictions to allow travel into the country. Although it is still somewhat restrictive,  I mean, you can’t just hop on a plane to Havana no problem, but U S citizens can now enter the country  with certain limitations. Some exceptions may apply, but the following is a list of the easiest ways to gain entry.

  • as part of a religious group
  • as an academic researcher
  • as a journalist
  • as a college student in an accredited program
  • as part of a tourist group approved by the US government’s People-to-People program

So, with this said, why would one want to even go to Cuba in the first place?

Varadero beach, Cuba

Their BEACHES– Cuba offers many gorgeous white sand beaches with crystal blue oceans, including Playa Paraiso, Playa Sirena, Varadero, Playa Ensenachos, Play Megano, Playa Ancon , just to name a few.


thewanderlustyogi.netTheir FOOD- Cuban’s unique blend of Spanish-Carribbean flavor with even a bit of African influence, creates a wonderfully delicious taste to your palate. Traditional Cuban dishes include rice and beans as their sides and fish, meat, poultry, pork and chorizo sausage as their main  protein. They usually use local vegetation such as citrus fruits, plantains and root vegetables like yucca in their meals. Their base for their sauces often consists of a sofrito sauce which is a mix of garlic, cumin, oregano, pepper and olive oil.  They also enjoy meat filled bread called empenadas. And no one can forget about their famous Cuban sandwiches, made  with sliced pork, ham,  swiss cheese, pickles and mustard on Cuban bread.

thewanderlustyogi.netTheir CARS- Due to the Trade Embargo in 1962, Cuba was no longer able to purchase cars from America. This left them to preserve their cars they already had in their country. There are still over 60,000 1950’s vintange American cars on the road in Cuba today. Car lovers who visit Cuba can enjoy seeing the nostalgia of the old days.

thewanderlustyogi.netTheir CIGARS-If you are a cigar aficionado, then you already know that Cuba has some of the best cigars in the world. Still ranking at #4 in the world, Cuba prides themselves on their high quaility cigars that are meticulously hand rolled with some of the best leaves known. Popular brands such as Bolivar, Cohiba and Montecristo all come from Cuba.

thewanderlustyogi.netTheir CULTURE-A mix of the diverse culture of Cuba, compromised of Spanish, African, French, Asian, and English, inspires Cuban’s soulful music and dance. This is seen in the many festivals happening year round.  This visual and  audititory experience is full of colors, rhythm and sounds that is special to their people and is pleasing to visitor’s eyes and ears.

thewanderlustyogi.netSo, if you want to experience beautiful beaches, great food and culture,  appreciate vintage American cars, while being able to puff on one of the world’s best cigars, and just 90 miles south of Miami, visit Cuba!

3 Responses
  • cubanflow
    March 1, 2015

    Very good! I think the same.

  • tony the traveller
    June 24, 2015

    Now has to be the cheapest time to travel coming out of recession and currency fluctuations, there are great bargains to be found

    • Jessica Griffin
      June 28, 2015

      I’m going in October. Super psyched about it!

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