Do you Think that Asian Airlines are Unsafe?

by Friday, February 27, 2015

thewanderlustyogi.netWhen I decided I wanted to quit my job and travel the world, SouthEast Asia was on the very top of my, impossible to achieve, list, of  places I wanted to visit.

Boracay, Philippines

Why do I want to visit SouthEast Asia you ask?

1. the beauty
2. the people
3. the culture
4. the value
5. the food
6. the yoga
7. the weather
8. the temples bloggers told me so ( and they are in the “know”)
10. eat pray love 😉 ( I know, I’m lame)

Julia Roberts in the movie “Eat Pray Love”

I am a planner. As my husband would say, more of a obsessor.  I feel like I like to plan out my life in order to stay on target, stay focused.  He is more of the, fly by the seat of your pants type.  If I had my choice, I would have my travels for the next 5 years planned out.  And my husband would say that I am ridiculous and that things would change, they always do.  That may be the case, but I can adjust accordingly. My thought is at least if you have a goal or set intentions, it will be easier to manifest into reality,  if you believe they were to happen.  My yogi-hippie talk.

Anyway, as I was scrolling through my social media pages, I noticed an amazing deal from Air Asia that allows a 10 credit (possible 10 stop) flight itinerary between cities they travel, to be completed within a month, for $160.00 USD!!!! Air Asia ASEAN PASS (10 credits for $160.00)

Wow!! This would be just perfect!

As my friends and family shutter at the idea, that anyone in their right mind, would  actually choose to hop aboard a, most likely doomed flight, into oblivion, that thought however, didn’t even occur to me.

btw, this is not my husband, lol

When telling my husband about this great find I discovered, this morning, he looked at me like I had three heads and said, “Are you serious? You know you will die if you go on that airline, and if you do, I will get a tattoo of your name on my chest”  I had no idea that this would be the reaction from him.  I felt like he was being a bit, over-dramatic. So then I told a few friends and family members, just to get some feedback. To my surprise, (then again, not really) every single one of them, every darn one, had the same opinion.  The running theme was, “Don’t do it!”

Well, this was discouraging. My excitement bubble popped just as it was being filled. I wish I had more like-minded people in my life, I thought, all day, as I researched if others have gotten this deal, and to see  if I’m not the only crazy one out there.

I knew it! There are tons of people taking advantage of this great bargain.  And take a guess who? Yep, travel bloggers. I knew there had to be someone out there thinking this is a wonderful idea, to be able to maximize your destinations, while minimizing costs.

This made me even more stoked for the upcoming Women in Travel Summit (WITS Boston 2015) I will be attending in Boston, this March.  I can network and get to know other crazy travelers like myself.  I would love to have others with the wanderlust, become my, go to resource, when it comes to travel talk, be part of my life.  I want to be able to bounce off ideas with people who think about travel the way I do, like its everything!

I still haven’t clicked the buy now button quite, yet on my dream, SouthEast Asian adventure, I’m aiming to take either next January or February.  I need to get out of New Hampshire during this time of year to a warmer climate, especially if it is anything like the winter we are having this year.  It is almost unbearable.  Southeast Asia would be an ideal destination for sure.  I’ll keep thinking about it, for the next day or two, and perhaps decide before this deal ends, if I want to risk not living past 43 years old. Decisions, decisions.

Anyone else want to share if you bought this AirAsia ASEAN PASS and if so, what does your itinerary look like?

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