How the Periscope App is Changing the World of Travel Blogging

by Monday, October 19, 2015

What is Periscope?

If you haven’t heard of the new app called Periscope, then let me fill you in.  This new app creation is owned by twitter and was released in March 2015. This app allows you to live stream what you are doing at the exact time you are doing it.  People can stream videos from all over the world, 24 hours a day. It’s almost like Skype calling, not just one person, but to EVERYONE you know, or don’t know, for that matter (which can seem a little scary to think about)! If that’s not cool enough, in addition to the viewers being able to watch your video stream, they also get to interact with you. How the periscope app is changing the world of travel blogging? I’ll show


Why is Periscope great for Travel Bloggers?

Travel bloggers use their personal blog, social media platforms, such as Facebook, twitter, instagram and Pinterest to share their photos and travel stories. Some even use YouTube to post videos and many also have started using the snapchat app to share quick feeds of what they’re up to,  but while these platform are great, there are a few minor things that can make using Periscope that much

Periscope vs Other Social Media Platforms

First of all, writing a blog post about a particular destination takes time to create the content and edit it. Your readers may not get to hear or read about your latest trip until you get it just right, which depending on location and wi-fi connection, could be a while. With Periscope, they get to see it instantly!

Same goes for YouTube. Yes, YouTube is a great and personal way to share videos of your trips, but you usually have to wait until you are back at your hotel room, hostel or airbnb rental to upload your videos to share. With Periscope, none of that is necessary, it’s immediate!

Then there is snapchat. Another totally cool and fun app, and I follow a ton of travel bloggers that way. The thing is with snapchat though, is there is only a 10 second allowance for video feeds. Yes, you can keep adding more snaps, but it makes it chopping and less intimate. With Periscope you get a flowing stream that allows you to not have to keep stopping to add more “snaps”

Periscope is the Best Way to Engage with you Audience

Periscope can be an extremely useful tool in engaging with your audience as a travel blogger. This app not only allows your readers to have an up-to-the-minute live feed of your whereabouts, but also allows them to interact with you, by sending you cute hearts (of approval) or even asking you questions on the spot! This allows you to be more helpful to your readers about a location, by answering questions instantly, (that you may not have known they had otherwise), and can also make your audience feel as though they are with you on your

Looking Forward to my First Periscope Campaign

I haven’t had a chance to send out a live stream yet, since I just found out about this app a few weeks ago. I don’t know how that slipped by me, but I am looking forward to using it on my upcoming, “first ever solo trip”  to Belize in December. However, I have watched many other’s live streams myself and have become a bit addicted. It kind of makes me feel voyeuristic watching, but hey, they don’t have to live cast, right?


Who I Follow on Periscope

Currently, I am particularly enjoying following a few travel bloggers that are on it,  @theblondeabroad and @2MonkeysTravel.  Kiersten from is always streaming and I just caught her latest one of her paragliding in San Diego, California a few days ago.  Also, a few weeks ago, Kach and Jonathan from had a Q and A live stream, where they answered questions about their travel blog and how they got their start, and how they make money to continuously travel. It was very informative and I was even able to ask a question myself, and get a response LIVE! …………………………………..Check them out!








Pericope allows people to communicate from anywhere live, and allow travel bloggers to really connect with their audience. How awesome is it to be able to watch your favorite travel blogger and ask them any question you want, (that they feel like answering, that is) while you join them on their adventures?

I can’t wait to use it in Belize and maybe by using it, I won’t feel like I’m alone on my trip?

Where I’m headed! Ambergris Caye, Belize!! ….”La Isla Bonita” wicked stoked!! (sorry about the Boston slang)




Do you use Periscope, either live streaming yourself or watching others, maybe you do both?



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  • Julie @ Girl on the Move
    November 6, 2015

    Oh my goodness, I’ve been obsessed with Periscope the last couple of months!! And I couldn’t agree more with your reasons! Glad to have found you through GWT!

    • Jessica Griffin
      November 7, 2015

      me too! and yes! all of you girls literally rock! so happy to meet you! maybe someday on our travels? 🙂

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