I’m Jessica “The Wanderlust Yogi”, but most people just call me Jess!  Here is a little background about me:


WORK: I was a full-time dental hygienist (RDH), but I left my career in 2015 to pursue my dream of traveling the world and teaching yoga internationally. I was also suffering from burn out and had lost my passion for dentistry.  I needed a change. I knew there had to be much to life than working a 9-5 job with a two-week vacation once a year.  I wanted to really  live. I felt trapped and  was determined to manifest making my dreams become my reality.

Nowadays, I am a part-time travel blogger sharing my travel stories right here on The Wanderlust Yogi and an international yoga instructor working with resorts worldwide. Additionally, I am a reiki practitioner and I hold a real estate license in the state of New Hampshire.  When I am not traveling, I also help my husband with his business by running the lab-work for TriState Home Inspections.  My job title there is “radon girl”.  

LIKES: I love travel, yoga, stand-up paddle boarding, the ocean, meditation, music, tea, avocado toast,  animals, reading, spiritualism, metaphysics, dining al-fresco, and I have a slight addiction to Ted-talks and Youtube tutorials. I enjoy hiking and glamping in our vintage airstream, called “Her Gypsy Soul“,  that we just fully renovated last June. I am also a devoted supporter of a plant-based diet for it’s health benefits, prevention of animal cruelty and for sustaining our environment. Even my husband is now vegan and if you knew him you would never believe he would ever eat that way! He loves it!!

If you watch the documentary called “What the Health?” you may become one too!

THE FLUFF:I would like to learn another language and how to play the guitar and I am always looking for new adventures or experiences. It would be no surprise for me to start taking a new class in a subject that interests me, on a whim. Last year I enrolled in an online class through Harvard University called “World Religions Through Their Scriptures”. It was so interesting and I believe you should never stop learning.

I often find myself consumed with research on things I want to know more about. We are so lucky living in the digital age. All of the world’s knowledge is literally at our fingertips. Its fascinating when you really stop and think about it! (Google bitcoin. You may thank me one day.)

WHAT MY BLOG IS ABOUT: I started this travel blog in 2014, mainly as a fun way to share my travels with friends and family. Eventually it turned into my official travel blog to share with the world. I write about budget, family, couple and solo travel. I also help with advice on dental tourism trips, write about living a healthy lifestyle, alternative travel, and host and organize yoga retreats worldwide (for more information on yoga retreat planning check here: Yoga Retreat Planning ).  Additionally, I write hotel and restaurant reviews and create travel guide books.

 This blog is to help people realize that they can travel for cheaper than they think, and to places they could only imagine in their wildest dreams. Before I left my job, the furthest places I would travel to was to the Caribbean and Europe.  Now, I’ve traveled to places such as India, Dubai, Thailand, Cambodia, Egypt, Bali and many more countries all around the globe!  I  try to share as many travel tips as I can with secrets I’ve learned along the way, hot spots to visit, and the latest trends in travel.  Anything I find out about travel, tourism, yoga, or other subjects that interests me, I try to share on this blog. My goal is to inspire people through travel and yoga!

P.S. Did you floss today?


Namaste, Jess xo