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Before You Rent a Car in Costa Rica: READ THIS!

by Thursday, February 18, 2016

I  just got back from Costa Rica a few weeks ago and there were many things I wanted to share about my experience. However there was one component that was most pressing. It’s in regards to renting a car in Costa Rica. From my experience and first hand observations, I wanted to inform travelers to consider not renting a car when visiting Costa Rica.  This may sound like an overstatement and must make you wonder why I feel the need to say this or even suggest this? To better clarify, I came up with ten reasons you shouldn’t rent a car in Costa Rica.

This is the one topic that came up continuously on my trip to Costa Rica and what my travel companions said I must share with people.

We rented a car because we knew we would be exploring many areas and figured it was the most economic and easiest way to get around. Boy were we ever in for a surprise. Even right from the start there were unexpected issues.


1.There are hidden fees at car rental companies in Costa Rica.

Before heading to Costa Rica and planning on renting a car, I was aware that it was highly suggested to get the extra insurance when doing so.  Thus, while booking my car rental through Expedia, I opted for the extra insurance, which was another $11.00/day. This was no big deal I thought. The price for the car rental was only $7.00 per day (which I thought had to be an error because it was so cheap), so when you add the extra insurance, it still only came to $18.00/day. I usually spend around $35.00/day for a car rental, therefore I thought the price was great and the extra sense of security would be worth it. However, when we got to the car rental place, that all changed.

They told us extra insurance or any insurance, for that matter, from a company in the USA  did not cover for anything in Costa Rica. What? How is that even possible and why would they offer it then? This is one of the hidden fees that I feel is so wrong. They use this loop-hole to pressure you into buying extra insurance, through them, and propose that you also give a $500.00 flat fee, to cover anything, which is (btw) non-refundable. So much for the great deal I thought I was getting! This was supposed to be $50.00 (for the car rental)+$77.00 (added insurance)= $127.00. I knew that was too good to be true. It was.  

After we said we didn’t want to cough up the non-refundable  additional $500.00, he told us, then he would  have to hold $2,500.00 on a credit card in case of damages.  So basically, even their insurance covered nothing! That was on top of my extra insurance through Expedia and my extra insurance through them!  It seemed completely ridiculous!

We ended up spending $408.00 for the week for all the added fees, GPS, hotspot, and extra insurance through them, and they held $2,500.00 which was released 48 hours after the car return. I really don’t understand how they can advertise such a cheap price on the internet, when it’s a total lie. This is even worse if you are a budget traveler. We saw four young backpacker guys renting a car at the same time as us. When they were explained all the hidden fees, especially the $2,500.00,  they were flipping out. That was all of their money. They didn’t have a credit cards, only debit cards. This could absolutely ruin someone’s vacation if they weren’t aware of this and didn’t have the money.  They ended up scrambling the $500.00 flat fee between them, but you could tell they were already upset about the unexpected spending that they were trying to avoid, and they were only there for less than an hour.   $125.00 to a young backpacker is a lot of money. Welcome to Costa Rica!

2. Costa Rican drivers are very aggressive.


I’m not trying to say the locals (or Ticos as they are called in Costa Rica) are not nice people. They are just the opposite. Every Tico or Tica I met was warm and friendly. It’s just that their driving is very aggressive and there seems to be no road rules that people follow. Now I’ve driven in New York City and other extremely intense driving situations, but nothing compared to the chaos that is felt on a busy traffic street in San Jose or a dirt cliff road in San Raphael, Costa Rica. Actually, that isn’t necessarily true, India was way worse, but nobody rents a car in India. That would be considered suicide! Luckily my husband was the one driving and he is a much better driver than I, but he agreed that they were the worst drivers he has ever dealt with.

3. The road conditions in Costa Rica is very bad.


we had no idea how bad this road was going to get

The road conditions in Costa Rica go from bad to worse, depending on the area. If you are in the city of San Jose, the traffic is nuts and the road construction and potholes in the street make for bad driving conditions, not to mention the way they drive. If you get out of the city and feel relieved that you got away from all the craziness, it is almost worse in the mountains, but in a different way, especially if you are afraid of heights, like me. Many of the roads are dirt and have huge rocks throughout and if its raining, turns into muddy conditions, that without 4-wheel drive vehicle, it would be almost impossible to drive through. Then, you add the cliff drops on both sides of the road, shared bridges and the constant passing of cars, its enough to give anyone a heart attack. If that’s not bad enough, there is also fog when you get to higher elevations that is so thick that you can’t see one foot in front of you?  We experienced this near Monteverde and the Cloud Forest. This area is eerie, beautiful and almost mystical to witness, but driving in it is so scary.

4. The risk of car theft in Costa Rica is high.

Everyone told us over and over not to leave anything in our rental car because it will be stolen.  We figured since we would be moving around a lot that we could keep all of our valuables in the trunk.  “No way!” a Tico told us. “Everything will be stolen!” That was a huge inconvenience, especially when we were leaving one hotel, going on our day trip, and then checking into another hotel later that day. “Were we supposed to take our laptops and suitcases hiking with us?” It was awful. In certain situations we had to park and leave our stuff. We really had no other choice. We just took our money and passports with us and crossed our fingers. Fortunately, nothing was stolen, but the worry it would cause us, while we are trying to enjoy a nice hike through the amazing jungles of Costa Rica, kind of dulled our enthusiasm bit.

5. Driving in Costa Rica is so stressful.


“cloud forest”

For most people, when you are on vacation you like to relax and enjoy yourself. The thing with driving in Costa Rica is you are always feeling stressed, whether you are scared while driving, hoping not to get into a car accident or drive off a cliff, or you’re worrying about the car getting broken into. How is this a fun and relaxing vacation? It’s not. On our worst day of driving, we had been on a four-hour drive from Jaco to La Fortuna and we drove literally over a mountain. It was the scariest, most intense car ride I have ever experienced. Being in the fight or flight response mode for that long was overwhelmingly exhausting. Once we arrived and were relieved that it was over and we didn’t die, we all were mentally and emotionally drained. I had a migraine and none of us barely spoke at dinner, we felt traumatized.  It was really that bad.

6. Driving in Costa Rica is time consuming.


Most likely when you go on a vacation you have only so much time. With that being said, would you want to spend most of your one or two-week, hard-earned vacation in a car, fearing for your life? Me neither. I think one of our biggest mistakes about Costa Rica is how far each area was to one another. On a map, locations may not appear to be too far from one another, but if add the road conditions, construction, and traffic, you will most likely double the time you were initially expecting your journey to take. I think the best way to explore Costa Rica is to choose one area, and not four. If you are really keen on seeing more than just one area, then booking a tour might be the best option. That way you can leave the driving to the bus driver, who is used to these conditions and you can just sit back and relax.

7. The chances of getting into a car accident is very high.



This one is an obvious one due to all that I mentioned above. The car rental place basically said to us that we were more likely to get into a car accident than not. Awesome! How is that for reassurance? I also had read about this and heard about this from others, which made me a little worried, but I thought it might be an exaggeration or at least I hoped it was. We hadn’t even gotten the rental car and we were mentally preparing ourselves that we would most likely get into a wreck. That seemed crazy to think like that, but we did. My head was spinning.

Thank goodness we didn’t get into a car accident, but there were numerous times that we came uncomfortably close to one. Each time it happened I thought, “Welp, here it is. They were right!”, but for some reason though, we narrowly escaped from any. I like to think it was because of my reiki energy protecting us and my husband likes to think it was because of his Nascar style driving skills. Maybe he is right? lol

8. Addresses in Costa Rica don’t always exist.


If you do, after reading my warning about renting a car in Costa Rica, decide to give it a go, make sure you get a GPS and even better, one with a hotspot. If you don’t,  you will definitely get lost. Even with the GPS and hotspot that we opted for, there were some places that just didn’t have an address. Some places may have coordinates, but no physical address.  This was extremely difficult for finding things. So, what I would also suggest is if you have a place you want to go to and they have no physical address, try dropping a pin in the area you think it would be.  Then, drive to the pin and keep your eyes peeled for signs. It’s much better than driving through the mountains or jungle aimlessly. That just reminded me of another tip. If at all possible, don’t drive at night. It’s hard enough to drive during the day. Driving at night would just add to your anxiety and stress and if you are lost, it would be a total nightmare.

9. Parking in Costa Rica is sometimes a challenge. 


Parking for TICOS ONLY

Parking is another tricky thing to deal with because some areas have nowhere to park, while others have parking, but you aren’t really sure if it is safe. The last thing you want to do is come back from an activity and find your rental car is gone or broken into. There were many times that we skipped stopping to see something just because we didn’t know where it was safe to park.  A total bummer.

10. They try to scam you out of more  money at car rental places when you return your car. 


I met a women while we were at a dentist office in San Jose, for our dental tourism story, who was from Alaska and this was her fifth visit to Costa Rica for dental treatment. We of course discussed the driving and how nuts it was!  She learned as we did, that driving in Costa Rica was for the birds. When she comes to Costa Rica now, she refuses to rent a car. “The stress of it all is just too much!”, she said. She gave me a really good tip,  that I’m so glad she did before we returned the rental car.

She told me that the car rental companies (not all, but many in Costa Rica) have a sneaky way of adding charges at the end. She said it happened to her, a few of her friends, as well as to people that she has met along the way through her travels in Costa Rica.  She didn’t want it to happen to me.


What they do is check the car for damages after.  That’s the usual part. It could be anything from a scratch to a dented bumper. They look, jot a few things down and then ask you to sign the release form without saying anything and while you are signing, another worker takes the car off the lot.  What’s unusual is, then when you get back home you may find a charge for $100.00 for damage to a rental car, taken straight out of your deposit that you signed for.  By that time, going through all the steps to remove it becomes such a hassle that most people don’t bother fighting it.

She suggested you stay with the worker while they are looking and when they ask you to sign, look at what they wrote, even if they say, “it’s just signing that you returned the car.” Also, if possible, to have someone stay in the car. That way they can’t use the excuse,“Well there was a scratch on the car but now its off the lot so you can’t see it”  That’s what they did to her and they knew she was in a rush to get to the airport and didn’t have time to wait for them to go back and get it. How convenient.

They, in fact , tried to do this with us. I stayed in the car while my husband walked around with the worker, he wrote something down and asked my husband sign. My husband asked what he wrote.  He wrote that there was a scratch and they were charging us $50.00 for it. When my husband asked,” Where?”, the guy couldn’t produce a scratch. He was pointing to an area of the car that just had some dirt on it.

Luckily, he knew we were on to his scam and didn’t charge us for it, but otherwise, I’m sure the same exact thing would have happened to us.  Can you imagine how much extra income they make from this little scam that unknowing tourists fall for on a daily basis?

thewanderlustyogi.netI hope this warning will help better inform those who are considering renting a car in Costa Rica. Even after reading this, you may still decide to rent a car, which is totally fine, but I’m convinced that learning these tips and words of caution beforehand would be very beneficial. I know I wish I knew what we were getting ourselves into in hindsight.

In closing, I  want to express, although I would never rent a car again on any upcoming visits to Costa Rica, that doesn’t mean I didn’t love this country. It was a gorgeous country with so much biodiversity. This place is absolutely beautiful and offers so much in one small country. Costa Rica is literally a nature lovers dream. I will be going back in six month for my husband to finish dental work he is in the process of getting in Costa Rica. On this next trip, however, we will leave the driving to the Ticos. You live and learn.


How I Saved $7,000 For Dental Work in Costa Rica

by Friday, February 12, 2016

Last year my husband and I started planning a dental tourism  trip to Costa Rica. The trip was planned for my husband to get dental work done while visiting Costa Rica. Many people wondered and asked, “Why on Earth would you get dental work done in Costa Rica?” This was especially intriguing to my colleagues because I’m a licensed dental hygienist in the USA. There were a few reasons, but it was mostly due to the cost. I wanted to share how I saved $7,000 for dental work in Costa Rica.

I wrote two other posts that explained;

  • why dental tourism in Costa Rica?
  • our plan
  • updates on my research
  • what dental office we chose
  • the reasons why I chose Meza Dental Care, San Jose, Costa Rica
  • and our finalized dates of the big trip

(links below)


Get Low Cost Dental Work Done in Paradise

Well, we are back and I am happy to report that everything went even better than we had hoped for! Our trip was from January 26, 2016- February 2, 2016. I wanted to share as much information as possible. I know many of you have been waiting for this information from the amount of emails, phone calls, texts and comments I have received. How I determined to best explain, is to answer questions that I have gotten from readers/friends/colleagues. If there are any questions that you still have, please feel free to contact me at strikeaposeyoga@gmail.com.  I am very happy to help in any way I can.


outside of Meza Dental Care



How do you plan for this? The first step is deciding that you want to go through with this. I understand the concern that many have (I had them too), but after going and having this awesome experience I endorse Meza Dental Care 100%. If you didn’t tell me I was in Costa Rica, I would have never known. The office was nicer than any office I have ever worked for in the US and that’s saying a lot. I currently do temporary work and have worked in numerous offices throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Once you decide that this is for you, you should contact the office. You can either email them or call them. They have a toll free number 1- (877)-337-6392. They will ask you to send your current x-rays and will study your case and get back to you with an estimate. It only took about a day to wait for it for us. If you are happy with the price and wanted to go forward, then the next step is for them to determine how many visits your treatment is expected to take. After that is established, you can see when they can schedule you and if that works with your schedule.  Booking at least 3-5 months out would be good. They aren’t open on the weekends, so consider that if you are in a time crunch and think about how long you want to be in the chair per day.  That could change to fewer or more days depending on your tolerance. Then once that is figured out, they will have you fill out a patient history form that you can do via email.  Lastly, book your flight and hotel. Boom! You are on your way to a new smile.

Was the dentist office clean and professional? The dental office was state-of-the-art and like I previously said, even nicer than most. I was so impressed. The front desk staff was so professional and dressed in business clothes. Everyone looked on point. The clinical team was also very professional, well-groomed wearing scrubs, caring and took their time in explaining every single step. The sterilization area was exactly like any I see in the US and all instruments were autoclaved and bagged in heat indicated sterilization pouches. The operatories were spotless and the dental team all wore proper PPE (personal protective equipment). They had my husband wear eye protection on all of the procedures and during his surgical procedure they set a sterile environment, had him wear a gown, hat and eye protection and the doctor wore a gown, gloves, mask, face shield and hat as well.

Was there a language barrier? There was no language barrier at all. Every single staff member spoke fluent English.  I also noticed that on the four visits we had there, we never saw one local as a patient. Every single person was from the USA. I asked Dr. Marin about that and she said that 90% of their patients are from the USA. Being in the waiting room most of the time while my husband was being treated, I got to talk to many other patients about their experience. I told them I was a dental hygienist and a travel blogger and was sharing this story with others in hopes of helping people consider this as an option for getting dental care.thewanderlustyogi.net

Each person I spoke with was from the US, from places like Alaska, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, California, you name it. They all had nothing but positive things to say. Many have gotten full mouth restorations, including multiple implants, bone grafts and sinus lifts and some have been going there for years for all of their dental treatments and only getting routine check ups and cleanings in the US. They all gushed about Dr. Meza and his amazing work and meticulousness. I saw some of the work that he has done on these patients and it was simply flawless. Coincidentally, on our very first visit, there was a patient in the waiting room that when we started chatting with him, told us he was a dentist from Boston and only would get dental treatment done there. He and his other dentist friends all go there on a regular basis for any dental work. He said he highly recommends them. That was a great start to our visit and it only got better from there.

How were the finances handled? Do they take credit cards? They accepted credit cards or cash in USD. Once they examine you, take photos and any other necessary x-rays they may need, and you have a treatment plan that you have decided to go forward with it, they have you pay 50% on your first visit. Then you pay the remaining balance on your last visit. In the case of an implant (like my husband), you will need to return to finish around six months later. You do not have to pay that until you go back for that treatment. They do however, put that in your treatment plan to be aware of the cost as a whole.

Do you know the cost ahead of time? Yes and no. The reason I say this is it depends on if you have digital x-rays that you can send them ahead of time. I highly suggest this. If you go to a dentist in the US and they took x-rays, it is your right to have a copy of them. It is also best to have them be as current as possible. If you send them the x-rays, they can give you an estimate on what they can see through the radiographs, but it also depends on what you want done. For instance, we weren’t sure if we were going to go through with an implant or do a bridge instead, so the price would be different depending on which we decided. They are very good about giving you different options depending on what would be best in your case, and also dependent on how much you can afford.thewanderlustyogi.net

What advice would you give to someone from the USA considering this option? My best advice is to go to a dentist in the US and get x-rays and a treatment plan and get a copy. That way you can send it to them and they can get a better understanding of what you need to get done. I would also try to give them as much notice as possible, to better be able to organize your appointments easier. Also, to realize that in cases where you need extensive work, you may have to stay up to two weeks for all the appointments necessary and you may also have to go back. ex. implants


x-ray of my husband’s implant

Another note about the San Jose area is the driving is awful. We rented a car because we wanted to explore other areas, but I wouldn’t suggest it. Meza Dental Care offers transportation to and from the airport and to all of your dental visits if you stay in the San Jose area. This is what we will be doing at our next visit. Also, many patients stay at the Radisson, which is very close and a decent hotel in the area. We will probably stay there too next time. This visit we ended up driving all over the place, which in hindsight, wasn’t a very practical plan, but I’m a travel blogger and this was also a family vacation, so we wanted to see as much as we could.  However, we did get to see a lot of the different areas of Costa Rica such as the ocean, the jungle and the mountains, but if you are there for dental treatment, its best to just stay close by and not drive at all. You can always extend your trip after all your dental visits are complete, like a lot of the other patients told me they did.


my husband Brice with Dr. Marin

Here is a breakdown of cost of what my husband needed for dental treatment and how I saved $7,000 for dental work in Costa Rica in comparison of how much the same treatment would cost in the US. (This is the most current prices of dental treatment in the Boston area. It may vary, depending on what part of the country you live.)

  • post (anterior tooth)= $150.00
  • crown build up=$75.00
  • upper partial-acrylic base=$350.00
  • extraction-single tooth=$95.00
  • root canal-one specialist=$350.00
  • osseous graft (single site)=$500
  • endosseous implant=$800.00
  • connection surgery (for implant)= $150.00
  • abutment crown-Cast Noble Metal= $850
  • post (anterior tooth)= $438.00
  • crown build up=$375.00
  • upper partial-acrylic base=$1250.00
  • extraction-single tooth=$397.00
  • root canal-one specialist=$1097.00
  • osseous graft (single site)=$1,550
  • endosseous implant=$2650.00+ restorative
  • connection surgery (for implant)= $875.00
  • abutment crown-Cast Noble Metal= $1800
  • TOTAL COST IN THE USA=$10,432.00+

That is a savings of $7,112.00!! Even with the cost of plane tickets, hotel, and food, it still worked out to be a savings and we got to visit Costa Rica!  This would be even more worth it if you needed multiple implants, which many of the patients who go to Meza Dental Care need. For example; If you needed four implants, the total savings would be over $14,000! I don’t know about you, but I would love to have an extra 14K in my pocket!


the waiting room at Meza Dental Care


Costa Rican coffee- our parting gift on our last visit from Dr. Meza and staff. Its the best!

In conclusion, I am extremely happy with every single step of the process and the dental care we received at Meza Dental Care, San Jose, Costa Rica. They have “dental tourism” down to a science. As a dental professional and as a wife of someone who was a patient there, I can attest to their professionalism, quality of their dental work, and exceptional personalized care. I can’t speak highly enough about this dental office. Each dentist my husband was treated by; whether it be Dr. Marin for his general treatments, Dr. Meza for his surgical extraction, bone graft and implant, or their endodontist, Dr. Hernandez, for his root canal, was highly skilled in their specialty. If you are considering going to Costa Rica and Meza Dental Care,  specifically, but are on the fence, I hope this will assist with your decision to go for it.

I wrote this article to show how I saved $7,000 for dental work in Costa Rica in hopes of helping others to be able to get quality dental care at an affordable price, who otherwise couldn’t due to the high costs of dental care in the US.  It may be a bit of “outside of the box”  kind of  thinking, but I assure you, that you will not regret it if you chose this route. When we go back in six months for my husband to get his implant finished, we are also bringing his mom to get dental work done that she has needed for years. She would have NEVER done such a thing, nor would ever think of it,  if we didn’t pave the way for her. She thought we were crazy. Who’s crazy now?

Pura Vida!


Mercado Market in downtown San Jose


by Saturday, February 6, 2016

On the last week of January, 2016, I visited Costa Rica for a project I was working on for the blog, on the subject of “dental tourism”. I spent two nights on Playa Jaco, which was the closest beach to San Jose and located in the Central Valley. This happened to be one of the most visited beaches, because it is the closest beach to San Jose (just under two hours away).  I was fortunate enough to get to stay at Jaco Laguna Resort,  Jaco’s only 4-star beachfront resort, which is on the quiet south side of the beach, but within walking distance to the town center, where you can find shops, restaurants and activities that the area has to offer. The location felt as if you had your own private beach away from it all, but wasn’t isolated from things you  may want to do if you chose. It was like the best of both worlds.thewanderlustyogi.net

I have never been to Costa Rica before and was hoping to be able to see different regions in my short stay. The dental office I was working with was in San Jose, however, I did manage to visit the ocean, the mountains and the jungle on my visit. This entailed a lot of driving, sometimes on very difficult roads, but was it totally worth it. However, the ocean and my stay at Jaco Laguna Resort, was by far my favorite part of the trip and just to note, the roads to the ocean aren’t hard to travel on, the mountains, is a whole different story.thewanderlustyogi.net

I was traveling with my husband, my adult son, and his girlfriend. Each couple stayed in an oceanfront double queen bedroom on the third floor, rooms 21 and 22, which I feel had the most direct view of the ocean and the amazing sunsets every night.


Each room was appointed with a Caribbean vibe themed decor. It’s amenities included: private entrance, air conditioning, alarm clock, cable television, laptop safe, flat-screen TV, clothes rack, closet, towels, linens, hairdryer, bathrobe, shower, telephone, radio, desk and free toiletries. Did I mention, free WIFI (which is always a plus)?


The 26-room, intimate beachfront resort had everything you could want in a tropical destination. With rooms overlooking the pool, just steps away from the Pacific ocean and surrounded by palm trees, you couldn’t help but feel instantly relaxed when first entering the property.

The pool was extremely clean and at a very nice temperature, not to warm, not too cold. The pool area provided lounge chairs and lounge beds that you could enjoy sunning, napping, reading, sipping on a cold drink, nibbling on some snacks from their Tiki bar, or just relaxing. They also had a children’s pool.  Jaco Laguna Resort also had many on site activities including; massages, surf lessons, stand up paddle-board lessons and bike rentals, not to mention their full-service restaurant, offering Costa Rican dishes, as well as a variety of offerings that would please even the pickiest of eaters.thewanderlustyogi.net

On our second night, we had dinner at their restaurant, during sunset, at a table situated right on the beach. The food was delicious and the ambience of the sunset was stunning. We started with a chilled fish ceviche, perfectly marinated in lime juice and served with tortilla chips, then each of us got a traditional Costa Rican dish that we all enjoyed very much. I had the red snapper with hearts of palm in a vegetable cream sauce, my husband had beef tenderloin, flavored with Costa Rican coffee, my son had the teriyaki tuna and his girlfriend had their chicken dish with gallo pinto.thewanderlustyogi.net

The next morning we dined in their open air, second-floor restaurant for breakfast. They offered a choice of traditional Costa Rican style breakfast, as well as traditional American style breakfast. I , of coarse, wanted to eat what the locals (ticos) eat, so I got the gallo pinto with eggs, my husband got the burrito desayuno, which was huge and he was full for the day, my son got the pancakes and his girlfriend also got the gallo pinto with eggs.  The view was even as spectacular from the second floor as it was, directly on the beach. It was a lovely start to our day, especially the Costa Rican coffee. It’s the best!thewanderlustyogi.net

They also have Tiki bar on the beach that has snacks and casual fares, and of coarse tropical drinks and cold beers. This is considered a favorite spot to have a cocktail and watch the sunset by locals and tourists.  The restaurant and tiki bar is open to the public and as far as I could see for miles down the beach, it was the only one directly on the beach. Most all of the bars and restaurants in town were on their main street and a few blocks away from the beach.

The staff was very friendly and welcoming and the entire property was spotless. They had a guard at the gate in the main entrance and safe parking for their guests. Besides the beach, pool and the restaurant and Tiki bar area, they also had pretty landscaped gardens and grassy spaces that surrounded the building.  Next to the resort was a town beach for the public that didn’t get too busy. There was a building on the other side under construction, but the noise wasn’t even noticed at all. In my opinion this was a perfect location in the Playa Jaco region. If you are traveling as a couple, family, with friends or alone, it has something for everyone.thewanderlustyogi.net

We felt very safe and comfortable our entire stay and appreciated all the polite and gracious staff members that were always smiling, with an, “Hola” and was eager to assist us with any questions we had. Although we weren’t able to book any activities because of time restraints, the hotel would have been able to make any arrangements for local excursions if we were interested.


Our stay at  Jaco Laguna Resort was even better than I anticipated and I will never forget the sunsets on that beach. My only regret is that I couldn’t stay longer. I hope to return to Jaco Laguna Resort in the very near future and I highly suggest this as great spot to stay if you are visiting Playa Jaco, Costa Rica. Please visit their website here to book your stay at Jaco Laguna Resort. I have stayed at many beachfront resorts, all around the world, but I can’t think of one with a better sunset than they have here at Jaco Laguna Resort.





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