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42 Killer Resources for Travel Planning That Will Save You Tons

by Wednesday, July 1, 2015

thewanderlustyogi.netBack in the day, not so long ago actually, planning a trip required a visit to a travel agency. You would tell a travel agent where you wanted to go or the type of vacation you were looking for, and they would do all the planning, organizing and bookings for your trip. In present day, the internet has so many resources that make it easy for you to do all the planning yourself, and usually at deep discounted prices.

I came up with a list of 42 resources that can help you plan your next trip.  From discount airfares, accommodations (all types), excursions, car rentals, travel insurance, volunteer vacations to house sitting. Here are examples I use myself and that I highly recommend. Researching and planning your itinerary should be part of the fun. I am pleased to see that more people traveling today than ever. I am confident that these resources are just part the reason. If you still have trouble trying to navigate through these sites, feel free to contact me. I’d love to help.

Some forms of travel I suggest may seem odd, (I realize) but if you think outside-the-box, you will see that traveling can be accessible to anyone, no matter what financial status you are in, if you are willing to be open-minded.  If you decide to be brave enough and  try to stay on some stranger’s couch for FREE (couch surfing), you may not only have a wonderful (and super cheap) trip, but may make new friends with people from all around the world.


42 Killer Resources for Travel Planning

  1. tripadvisor
  2. expedia
  3. travelocity
  4. priceline
  5. kayak
  6. skyscanner
  7. airbnb
  8. hotels.com
  9. orbitz
  10. cheapoair
  11. airfarewatchdog
  12. lonely planet
  13. hotwire
  14. agoda
  15. trivago
  16. insanely cheap flights
  17. groupon getaways
  18. secret escapes
  19. living social escapes
  20. uber
  21. vayama
  22. momondo
  23. booking.com
  24. hostel world
  25. couch surfing
  26. which budget
  27. travel pony
  28. vacations to go
  29. get your guide
  30. farecast
  31. last minute
  32. roomorama
  33. seat guru
  34. woofing
  35. volunteer HQ
  36. Go Eco
  37. housesitters
  38. housecarers
  39. wegolo
  40. yapta
  41. viator
  42. wiki travel

Do You Make These 9 Mistakes When Traveling?

by Friday, June 12, 2015

given to me by a patient that knew I was going to Paris

Traveling is a lot of work! With that being said, you may wonder why people go anywhere?  The reason for me is, no matter how much preparation and planning and research I have to put into a trip, once I arrive at my destination, the reward is worth all the effort.

My globetrotting ex-mother-in-law had the perfect phrase that she would always say, that when I wasn’t such a “world traveler”, I didn’t quite understand and would always laugh at her.  She would say, “traveling is a full-time job, but someone’s got to do it!”  In present day, I absolutely agree with her.

It’s easy to make mistakes while traveling. Unless you are resourceful and find out information, you are pretty much on your own. Even smart people fall prey to common mistakes.  It doesn’t make you stupid, it’s just that you haven’t been exposed to these sorts of things, until you are faced with them.

To be fair, I came up with a list of  9 mistakes, because I’ve made them myself.  Don’t judge. You live and learn. Maybe by reading this article, I can help you to not make the same mistakes I have in my past travels?


The classic. Been there, done that. I have gotten better. I even now only bring a back pack and try to not check any luggage.  I still find myself bringing many things I didn’t need. You learn after lugging heavy bags all through airports that, having 5 pairs of shoes just isn’t necessary. Minimize is the key. Also you can re-wear clothes and bring laundry detergent. Nobody is going to know that you wore those jeans yesterday. Also, layer up. Wear sweaters and coats on your body. The airline can’t charge you for clothes you are wearing. Not to mention, airplanes are always so cold and uncomfortable. Your clothes can double as blankets and pillows. win-win.


Traveler’s insurance is one of those things that you hope you will never need. Many people roll the dice and don’t get it. I am guilty of this.  This is a huge mistake! The cost is very low, when you compare the cost of having to lose your non-refundable ticket or accommodation due to sickness or uncontrollable circumstances.  I know that saving for a trip can be hard and you want to make every penny count. Some think, “well, that $50.00 I spent on travelers insurance could go towards an activity instead”, but if you really think about it, that $50.00 can save you thousands, if you suddenly got sick or hurt on vacation and have to go to a hospital that doesn’t take your countries’ insurance. Getting traveler’s insurance is easy and gives you the security that no matter what happens before and during your trip, you are covered.  That security helps me be more relaxed on my trip. I always use world nomads travel insurance.  They have a great reputation and all the travel people who I know, use them. If you are still unsure of how important it really is, read this story of a travel blogger who broke his back on vacation. Dave from the planet D would have had hospital bills of about $75,000 without it!!

Here is his story:The Planet D- need medical insurance


Again, a common one. You may think than over planning and creating a hour-by-hour itinerary isn’t fun and you would rather wing it. Yes, some people aren’t very structured and I understand that. I don’t like making my trip too rigid a schedule either. That’s no fun, but what I do think is important is preparing and tentatively planning activities that you want to do.  The worst thing is arriving at your destination and planning to visit, say the Louvre in Paris, and realizing the only day you had available to do this, it was closed!  Yes, I did that. I wasn’t completely heart-broken, I did however get to see the Musee’ D’ Orsay, which was nice, instead. I am not a museum type person, but come on, I was in Paris and didn’t see the Mona Lisa? I’m sort of embarrassed about that. If I was a museum type person though, I can only imagine how upsetting that would have been. Don’t make that mistake. Research, research, research!


I’m guilty of this too. I have brought only summer clothes to places that were cold at night. I forgot to bring a travel adapter/converter and had frizzed bomb hair my entire trip because I couldn’t use my hairdryer. I brought high heels and nightclub clothing to a resort that was super casual. I brought way too much stuff (as I already mentioned earlier). And one time I even forgot to bring my entire suitcase! I’m totally not kidding.  I had absolutely nothing! I will never make that mistake again. I was a walking celebrity at the resort I was staying. As I’d walk by people would wave and say what a trooper I was, and then whisper, “I’d cry if I was her.” ” I’d want to go home. ” “She is the one who forgot her suitcase and has nothing!” It was bad, real bad!


This one is kind of unique. Maybe I’m the only one who has done this? Who knows? I’ve already embarrassed myself on what a rookie traveler I have been, I might as well continue. It’s my way of paying it forward. When I went to London a few years ago, I was single and didn’t have a ton of money to spare.  I decided the best way to budget my trip was to get a “trip credit card” and would use it exclusively for my trip and then pay it off when I got back.  I did have my debit card, but I didn’t want to use all of my money. Not the best idea, I know, but I didn’t want to give up the opportunity to go to London!  As anyone who has been there knows, the place is hella expensive!  I am very budget conscious and usually only eat one meal a day on vacation. I never really splurge and if I wanted to on this particular vacation I couldn’t. My choice for my “travel credit card” was a Discover card. Guess what? Most places in London (or at least the places I went to) don’t take Discover card! I had to use my debit card for everything. This was not in the plan at all. It made me worry about my finances and to top it off the last day of my trip I needed to get some extra cash for the train to Heathrow and the machine ate my card. I not only had a credit card that wasn’t accepted anywhere, but I also no longer had a debit card or any money! It was awful. Thankfully, I was visiting a local and he lent me money that I later reimbursed him on my return. I was not only stressed out, but was utterly embarrassed. My suggestion: make sure you check what credit cards are accepted in the country you are visiting and take 2. You don’t have to use them both, jut keep one in your safe for back up.


I have done this one, but it wasn’t my fault. Really! I was going to a destination wedding in Dominican Republic. We got a hotel on Expedia for a great deal and upon arrival were told the hotel was overbooked! What? How is it that I already paid in full and we do not have a room. I was outraged. This seemed so unfair and wrong.  I understand, maybe if we made a last-minute reservation and didn’t pay yet, but we were confirmed with a confirmation number and had paid for the entire stay upfront. The hotel was not helpful at all. Every time we would try to talk to them about a solution, they would refer us to the travel company we purchased through. They said since we bought then through a third-party, we could not get a refund and would have to take to up with them (Expedia) I immediately called the 800 number for Expedia, which was based out of Houston, Texan in the US. I explained my dilemma and was transferred over and over and was on hold for hours.  I didn’t have global calling on my phone because I really wasn’t planning on using it on a quick 5 day trip. Every minute that went by, I was calculating in my head of how much this was going to cost me, but I had no choice.

The good news is that even after the horrible situation with this hotel, Expedia was amazing! They claimed that this wasn’t the first time this resort has done this to their customers and will no longer use them.  They set us up at a nicer resort, for no extra charge, and once I got my dreaded phone bill, ($700.00!!) they paid it for me. I was so impressed of the customer service of Expedia. Although our situation was bad, they did everything they could on their end to rectify the problem. It was a great trip and wedding and still to this day I always use Expedia, with great experiences,  and suggest the company to anyone I know.

Now, when traveling, especially of its more than a week, I do get global calling on my phone for my time away. Just incase. My last two-week trip cost me $40.00 extra on my cell phone bill. That was nothing compared to if I needed to use it and what the international, minute-to-minute rate would be.  I did have to use it a few times to call home. I didn’t have to worry about incurring charges and it was a security knowing that I could.


This can be in any aspect of travel. From your vacation packages, to hidden fees or surcharges, etc. I have made this mistake a few times, but an example that I could share is when you get a room and want stay in an oceanfront room, but chose a seaview room, they are completely not the same! The wording can be tricky and this is on purpose to confuse you. I had my heart set on an oceanfront room on one of my trips and ended up with a room that was facing a swamp and a parking lot, but if you stick your head out the balcony and lean to your side, you can see the ocean, from the corner of your eye. This was so disappointing and when I complained that this wasn’t what I was anticipating, they quickly explained the difference and that for an upgrade, with double the cost per night, I could have that view I was hoping for. The best advice I can give, is read all of the room descriptions and you can usually figure them out by price. If you are still confused, call the hotel/resort and have them explain the differences of their rooms offered. I didn’t want to ruin my vacation by having this terrible view and settle. I worked hard for this vacation and my one week off I had,  and decided it was worth the extra money. After talking with the reservationist at the hotel and discussing room options and prices, for $700.00 more, which was $100.00 more per night, we could get the penthouse Governor’s suite that was available. It also came with free wifi, availability to a special private club, a master suite, 2 outdoor balconies each with their own hot tubs, a living room, a full dining room and a panoramic view to die for. It was a no-brainer and it was one of the best vacations my family went on together. We laughed to think of the room we would have been stuck in. Sometimes you have to splurge.

(Below is a video of the Governor’s Suite we upgraded to at the Now Jade in Riviera Maya, Mexico)


My friend and I were just talking about this. Many of us have been there. I have, a few times. It’s really a pain in the neck and can screw up your trip or your return, especially if you had work or school or any other obligations. My friends’ missed flight story is worse than mine, and she allowed me to share this with you. She and her friend were on their last night in Italy and decided to have one last celebration with drinks, many, many drinks! They were definitely over the limit, but it was okay, they weren’t driving and they could just sleep on the plane home and what the hell, they were in Italy! No biggie. Well, in the morning when their alarm clock went off, her friend, instead of hitting the snooze button, hit the off button. Later, upon waking up, right before the time their flight was to take off, they sobered up instantly, with the realization that they were going to miss their flight.  They proceeded to go to the airport and explained to the airline what happened, maybe not the entire story, and that they needed to book the next flight back to Boston. Of course they knew there would be additional fees (no travelers insurance either), but they were shocked to hear that the price was going to be $1,300.00 more! They wanted to cry. I would too, but they really had no other choice.  So their awesome last night with too many cocktails ended up being a way bigger bar tab then they ever imagined! Ouch!


With promises of free prizes and excursions just for giving them one hour of your time, many of us fall into the timeshare selling trap. I have done this, not once, but twice. I never learn. Each time we said we would just listen to their pitch until the hour as promised, and then politely decline buying anything and collect our gifts. This never really happens. If someone has managed to do this, they deserve an award. These high pressure sales associates don’t stop talking and trying to get you to buy. Unless you are really in the market to buy a timeshare, don’t waste your precious vacation time sitting in a room with 25 other helpless vacationers. You should be spending your time relaxing or doing the things you want. Even if they offer great gifts, like half prices to popular activities and such. I found that the deals aren’t as good as they appear and usually come with restrictions and blackout dates (the fine print again). You are better off just paying the regular cost of your activity or look for a groupon. Your time is money. And every minute you waste doing these things is costing you.


You may be guilty of one or more of these mistakes, but don’t feel bad. We all make them.  I’ve made them all, and then some. If you personally made a travel mistake or have heard horror travel stories from others, it can teach you how to not make them again, or ever.  There is definitely more to travel then just buying a ticket and hopping on a plane. You can try that, but I’m sure problems will arise.  Being prepared and learning through others may not just be helpful, but it can be the difference of an okay trip or an amazing trip.thewanderlustyogi.net

Do you have a Travel Bucketlist?

by Monday, February 2, 2015


It used to be that world travel was only a luxury that the rich and famous could attain. These days, people from all walks of life and status are globe trekking all the time.  With awesome travel deals and discounted flights available online, from sites like sky scanner, TravelocityExpedia , and priceline, just to name a few, pretty much ANYONE can afford to travel if they really wanted to. And for even deeper savings, if you are brave enough to attempt alternative accommodation options: like hostels, couchsurfing, and airbnb, you could stretch your dollar even more.

thewanderlustyogi.netI started traveling within the USA while I was young and then slowly explored a little further each succeeding trip into places like Mexico, Bahamas and other Caribbean Islands. To me this was “world travel” I was a bit timid and naive and felt scared leaving the US, possibly because of the media and my upbringing that other places were scary and bad. Unfortunately, I’m sad to report this sentiment is not uncommon amongst people in my country. Why is it that we, as Americans, are brainwashed into thinking that we are the only safe country in the world? I hate to bring it up, but the deadliest known terrorist attack in the world happened on September 11th, 2001, in the United States of America! With this being said, I admit there are some risks involved with traveling, as with a lot of other things, such as driving, skiing, drinking, smoking, eating unhealthy, not exercising , but people do these things everyday without thinking about the risks involved. For me, I’d rather take a slight risk and experience an amazing life of adventure than to be paralyzed with fear, not leave my country, and still possibly die of injury, illness or lifestyle choices anyway.  “Carpe diem” I say!

thewanderlustyogi.netI now travel more international and plan on not stopping until the day I die. The more places I visit, the more I realize, we are all the same. Everyone is trying to get through life  and just want love and  happiness. We are one. Imaginary borders doesn’t change that we are all human beings, sharing this beautiful planet called Earth. I want to see it all!

thewanderlustyogi.netI know this is not possible, for there is only so much time and money to see every single place on Earth, so I tried to narrow it down to make a tentative bucket list of travel, if you will.  It may change as I see more, but here is a rundown of my lifetime itinerary travel goals.


in no particular order-by region

(*denotes places I have already visited or have booked)


Amalfi Coast, Italy




*United Kingdom










Czech Republic



Great Wall of China, China



*United Emirates





Sri Lanka


Phi Phi Island, Thailand

South East Asia










Bora, Bora, French Polynesia



New Zealand

French Polynesia


Cairo, Egypt


South Africa




Rio De Janeiro,Brazil

South America





Galapagos Island


Leon, Nicaragua

Central America

Costa Rica



Writing this made me realize I sure do have my work cut out for me. I didn’t even name the multiple cities in each country either. I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but I have to just chip away, checking off each as I go. I also realized that I guess I don’t want to see Antarctica, however, I don’t think I have to explain why?  Brrr. Lastly, I didn’t mention North America and Canada, but I will write another article on the states I still need to see here at home.

Creating a bucket list is a fun way to look forward to travels, or any goals you set for yourself to accomplish in your lifetime. They say visualization is the first step in manifesting your reality. Life goes by way too fast to let time slip away and not live your life to its fullest. Living by definition is- “the pursuit of a lifestyle of the specified type”

Travel to me is living. 

thewanderlustyogi.netDo you have a Travel Bucket List?

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