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The Lizard King: Jim Morrison’s 72nd Birthday

by Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Today, December 8th,2015,  marks what would have been, Jim Morrison’s 72nd birthday. I saw this passing by my news feed, as well as, it also being the death anniversary of The Beatles frontman, John Lennon, 35 years ago.  A day of  reminiscing for The Doors and The Beatles fans.thewanderlustyogi.net

I have always been a fan of The Doors and thought the lead singer, who was sometimes referred to by other monikers, the most common one, being “The Lizard King”,  was so cool growing up. I distinctly remember my mom (when she was in her, much younger and wilder years-also a hippie) singing her heart out, into a hair brush, “Come on baby light my fire!”  with The Doors hit, blasting in the background, drowning her voice out. She may kill me for sharing that, but it was such fond memories.

I’ll put this right here. Just in case you want to sing along with Jim too. You know you want to!


We grew up with lots of great music always on in the background.  Besides The Doors, we listened to  The Beatles, The Moody Blues, Jethro Tull, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, and so many others, that I can’t think of right now, mostly, thanks to my step-dad. Maybe this influence was why my brother ended up going to Belmont University to study music production and is a musician, playing the guitar and singing covers from some of these oldie-but-goodies, at gigs, in our local area today? But, I digress.


When this anniversary comes up, I sometimes wonder about how weird it would be if he was still alive today.

Would he have been totally different now?

How would his music have change though the years?

Would he have aged gracefully?

Would he have become a father or grandfather and if so, would they have his gift?

None of these questions can ever be answered because, like many other music legends, he was cursed with the dark side of the industry, and died far too young, of a drug overdose.

The media coined a phrase for these talented artists, calling them the “27 club”. A term used, referring to famous musicians who died at the age of 27 from alcohol or drug addiction.  The club members include:  Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones (The Rolling Stones), Janis Joplin, Ron “Pigpen” McKernan (The Grateful Dead),  Amy Winehouse, and Kurt Cobain (Nirvana).

This was such an eerie fact, even if it was just a coincidence.  And losing these amazing lyrical poets, and music makers, before their time was such a shame.

I hope that this “27 club” is no longer taking membership applications.


The “27 club”

This day reminds me of my visit to Paris, France, last August (2014). The reason: because I made it a point to go visit Jim Morrison’s grave, which is on the Eastern side of the city at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery.


This cool and cloudy, on again-off again rainy August day, that I went to the cemetery, made me feel as though I may be a bit of a morbid person. My husband as well. Our day consisted of first visiting the Catacombs,  then going to the grave of the “Lizard King”. We were both wicked [Boston slang-sorry] excited to do both and thought, “Are we the only one’s who go visit the dead on vacation? What is wrong with us?” We quickly learned that this was not the case. Both places were packed with other tourists, wanting to do the same exact thing. Phew! We aren’t weirdos!


my husband and I in the Catacombs

We took a subway ride from the Catacombs stop to the stop closest to the Pere Lachaise Cemetery (http://www.pere-lachaise.com/perelachaise.php?lang=en) We arrived late in the afternoon and at the front gate, were greeted by a guard.  He told us we only had twenty minutes because they will be closing.  “Shit!” We agreed and promptly said who we were there to see, asking him directions. The place was huge! Before even getting the sentence out, he knowingly started pointing in the direction of James Douglas Morrison’s stone. I smiled and said, “I’m sure you get this all the time?” He answered in English, but with a French accent, “I get asked this every day!” thewanderlustyogi.netthewanderlustyogi.net

We walked in the direction he told us, but we had trouble finding it at first. Along the way, we enjoyed the remarkable and beautiful gravestones of the other residents, and noted the intricate detail in some of the tombs that filled this historical site.  We finally asked another visitor if he might know where it was and he was kind enough to show us.  As we walked up the narrow lane towards it, we started seeing many more tourists/visitors grouped together at one particular stone. “That has to be the one!“, I screamed!  It was.thewanderlustyogi.net thewanderlustyogi.net

Jim Morrison’s grave was sort of tucked in behind other graves, and was surprisingly small to me. It was blanketed with candles, flowers, trinkets, framed photos of him, notes and even empty alcohol bottles on the grass near it. For some reason, I envisioned it to be very big, with loads of character and with a sculpted image of his head on top. I have no idea why I thought that? I’m nuts! I probably just dreamt that.thewanderlustyogi.net

Either way,  I was happy to have gotten a chance to see it first hand, just for the bragging rights alone. Also, it was a different side of Paris and had some history involved.  See, it was for educational purposes. I’m not just a rock band groupie! Well, maybe a little.





Traveling Through Terror

by Monday, November 30, 2015

Over the last few days, due to the horrific events that has happened in Paris and Beirut, my normally excited, cheerful wander-lusting, women’s travel group https://www.facebook.com/groups/girlswhotravel/, has now become scared. Many sharing their condolences, some stories of first hand accounts, and others now considering rerouting or canceling, all together, future travel plans. Traveling through terror is something that many women, or men for that matter, are afraid to do.

This is understandable, but also very sad. The normally, bubbly and enthusiastic globetrotting girls, are,  instead of talking about upcoming trips, and sharing amazing photos of exotic locations, are now asking advice on if they should go on their previously planned trip to Paris or anywhere in Europe at all.  Many are talking about all of the deaths and some are discussing the bigotry that has now, and sadly, not surprising, that has spiked against Muslims.thewanderlustyogi.net

One girl shared that she was in the club when the attacks happened and laid on top of dead bodies, pretending she was dead to save herself. It was very scary to hear about and we were all so happy that she was okay. Another Muslim girl shared that since the attacks, she has been kicked out of another travel group because of her race[religion]. It was awful to hear and we all gave her words of comfort and acceptance.


shirt worn by a girl who was at the nightclub in Paris when the terrorists attacked (she played dead, lying on dead bodies)

Now these women, are in reality, strangers. I don’t think I’ve met any of them personally, all except the four girls that I encouraged to join the group, but we all feel like sisters.

It’s a very weird and beautiful thing. There are  over 20,000 active members worldwide in the girls who travel group; coming from all races, religions, socioeconomic backgrounds, ages, belief systems, etc,  yet this group has that common bond of the love of travel. We give each other travel advice, inspire each other that we can travel solo, support each other during breakups or hardships, and come together during a crisis, like we did when a girl was mugged at knife-point in Sri Lanka and came to us for help.  The outpouring of assistance made me so proud to be a member of this group. We were able to give her the phone numbers and address of her Embassy and contacted her mother. Thankfully she is totally fine and after her return home, updated us that she was okay, and how appreciative she was from all of our support.thewanderlustyogi.net

Many of these girls have since joining the group, have done meet-ups and some became long-term travel partners. I hope to someday, through my travels, end up meeting one of these lovely ladies. This group has something magical about it. Most of us can’t go a day without popping in just to say hello or read some advice or a story that one of us has shared.

Through this group, I have been inspired to  finally get the courage to take my first solo trip, which is coming in just two short weeks, to Belize.  This group also helped me find an amazing travel steal, where I got tickets from Boston to San Jose, Costa Rica, roundtrip for $150.00!!  This group also gave me insight on places I my have never considered visiting before, such as Tel Aviv or places I have never heard of, like Seychelles. I also felt a connection when girls would share their heartfelt break up stories and how travel gave them a new lease on life.


Seychelles, Africa

Since I started writing this post a few weeks ago, I stopped it altogether, midway. I was at a point where my social media was a constant stream of bigotry, anger and hatred. I literally needed to just get away from it all. I decided it was best for me to go on a social media detox for a few weeks, to reset and regroup my emotional state and disconnect a bit.thewanderlustyogi.net

This was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time.  I was in tune with my body enough to notice that the emotional distress I was having, due to all of the upsetting things I was reading, was actually taking a toll on my health. I couldn’t sleep, I had trouble eating, I felt teary at times, out of the blue, I felt agitated and extremely stressed.thewanderlustyogi.net

In my absence from social media; I read, spent quality time with my family and friends, where I was actually completely present, I meditated, did yoga and through this I felt a subtle change happening in my body. It was a cleansing and it was exactly what I needed.




The Ultimate Yogi DVD collection by Travis Elliot-my favorite go to yoga/mediation fix


Now that I am back, I am happy to report that although things in the media are still heated and distressing, my girls who travel group is back to its old self again. I was so relieved and happy to see, that the massive posts of asking if people should cancel their trips, were now filled with stories and pictures of girls on their travels all over the world, some even in Paris. This made me smile.


me in Paris at the “love lock bridge” near Notre Dame last August (2014)

This world can sometimes be a very cruel and scary place, but when you think about all the good it has, you realize that the world can continue to hold beauty and love if you choose to seek it out.thewanderlustyogi.net



Want to Lock your Love In Paris?

by Wednesday, February 4, 2015

thewanderlustyogi.netDo you want to lock your love in Paris like the  Courtney Kardashian and Scott Disick did? Many people have never heard of this until that episode aired, but you’d be surprised of the thousands that have already done just that. thewanderlustyogi.net
Paris is referred to sometimes as the “most romantic city in the world” , understandably due to it’s

  • first class dining (al fresco)
  • the lights at night (ex. Champs Elysees)
  • Seine River
  • architechular structures ( ex. Eiffel Tower)
  • art- (ex. The Louvre)
  • gardens (ex. Luxembourg Garden)
  • the theatre (ex. Moulin Rouge)

These are just a handful of examples.  Now you can include the Love-Lock bridge.  The location of this bridge is Pont de l’ Archeveche ( location of the love-lock bridge in Paris).


The tradition of the “love-lock bridge” is two lovers attach a padlock with their initials on it and lock it somewhere on the bridge. Then they are to throw the key into the Seine River.  This is supposed to symbolize the couples commitment to each other of undying love, and lock it forever! There are now thousands of locks adorning the bridge from sweethearts from all over the world.


Don’t worry, if you go to Paris and wanted to lock your love there, but forgot your lock at home, there are many vendors selling locks right on the bridge for a minimal fee.

This is something I did with my husband this past August, and even though we were being silly about it, it was quit romantic, in a way. I mean, when you are in Paris, you can’t help but feel romantic. It’s just in the air.

Now that Valentine’s Day is approaching and people are trying to come up with romantic things to do with their lover. How about taking a romantic getaway trip to Paris? This would be a romantic trip for anyone, even if for the most un-romantic person. Maybe you could even propose there if this is something you were planning on? Everyone proposes on the Eiffel Tower, how about changing things up a bit, propose there and then go to celebrate this monumental event, by dining on top of the Eiffel Tower after. That would be very special and unforgettable.


“I do, I do” two wedding couples walking across to the love-lock bridge to add their lock

When we went, there were two couples that got married at a church across the street.  After their vows, they walked over, all love-struck, to the bridge and locked their love for the rest of their lives. The many people around watching were smiling and congratulated them as they passed by. It was a very sweet thing to witness, and a unique way to solidify their vows.  One I surely would never forget.


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