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A Women’s Travel Blogger Conference 2015

by Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I am just coming down from a “travel blogger conference” high, and wanted to share a little about what I’ve learned. I attended the second annual WITS in Boston this past weekend  (Women In Travel Summit). This convention was for women, by women, who want to connect and learn more about: travel blogging, volunteer travel, and entrepreneurship.  There were classes, workshops and keynote speakers by women such as, Dina Yuen (The Asian Fusion Girl) and Kate McCulley (Adventurous Kate), who have truly paved the way for females in this mostly male dominant field of travel blogging.


Some of the classes I took were:

“Get Shit Done and Still Go To Yoga:Holistic Productivity for Entrepreneurs and Independent Creatives” with Amy Segreti (Live All of You)

“Decolonizing the Blogosphere: How to Check Your Privilege in Cyberspace” with Anubha Momin (http://findingtruenorth.ca/)

“How to Make Google Like You and Other SEO Strategies to Increase Your Site Traffic” with Brooke Roberts (Yoga Tree Travel)

“Press Trip Panel” with Linsay Taub (VoyageVixens.com), Erin Gifford (Kidventurous), Lanee Lee Neil (VoyageVixens.com), Sarah Pittard (Solo Mom Takes Flight) and Kate McCulley (Adventurous Kate)

“WordPress for Travel Bloggers: Tips to Make Your Site Purr Like a Kitten” with Melissa Hogan (Suitcase and Heels)

“Being a Travel Blogger (Even When You are Not Traveling!)” with Theresa Christine (Tremendous Times)

“Street Harassment and Travel” with Delia Harrington (Away She Goes)


Each one of these classes had its own quality  that I could take away valuable information from. These women were impressive, accomplished and extremely helpful in their desire to guide other women to achieve what they have already. The amount of energy and community was something I couldn’t deny, and so badly wanted to be a part of.


Top 10 Take-Aways I got From This Weekend:

10. “If you want to be a travel blogger, just be a travel blogger. (If you want to be, just be!)“- as quoted by Theresa Christine (Tremendous Times)

9. “Do the 10 times test. If you can read what you wrote 10 times and still love it, then publish it.” as quoted by Brooke Roberts (Yoga Tree Travel)

8. “When you’re a women entrepreneur you are going against everything you’ve been told your entire life. “ as quoted by Kate McCulley (Adventurous Kate)

7. “You can either win or learn!” as quoted by Brooke Roberts (Yoga Tree Travel)

6. “How do you want to feel at the end of the day? Inspired? Aligned? Connected? Peaceful? Enlivened?” as quoted by Amy Segreti (Live All of You)

5. “Let travel be thy medicine, and medicine be thy travel” as quoted by Dina Yuen (Asian Fusion Girl)

4. “Press trips are not free. Time is your most valuable possession.” as quoted by Lanee Lee Neil (Voyage Vixens)

3.” People are more similar than they are different.” as quoted by Kathryn Pisco (Unearth the World)

2. “Women do not value themselves enough.” as quoted by Dina Yuen (Asian Fusion Girl)

1. “See you next year at WITS16 in Irvine, California!” as quoted by Beth Santos (founder and CEO of Go Girl Travel Network,(now renamed- sheswanderful) the creator and hostess of WITS)


These women are not only living the life of their dreams, but are showing other women how to do it as well.  They were encouraging, motivating, stimulating and honest. Their powerful messages were not only inspiring, but were a testament that anyone can live the life of their dreams, they just got to want it bad enough!

The timing of me being able to attend this conference was perfect. I have just closed one door, by leaving my full-time job, as a dental hygienist, to open a new door, of becoming a travel blogger.  I hope to look back at this time, of great aspirations and change, with gratitude, for all the influential women who helped guide me to fulfilling the life that I’ve always wanted; and someday perhaps, I can be the one helping others fulfill theirs?


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