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Is Solo Travel Lonely?

by Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Solo travel is said to be amazingly empowering and enriching experience.  My future plans on traveling and blogging about it, is going to be compromised of mainly solo trips. This is something I have not yet done. The idea of it excites me, yet terrifies me. I know it is a very common thing today; being a solo female traveler , and I’m so glad to have the resources from those who have experienced this frequently. But I am, however, somewhat still trying to escape the brainwashing in my head, that,  “women shouldn’t  travel alone, due to safety, and to do so would be considered irresponsible and risky.” I also wonder, “Is solo travel lonely?”

When I tell people my plans of solo traveling it is met with either great enthusiasm, or sheer opposition; mostly being the latter viewpoint.

thewanderlustyogi.netIn order to eliminate this haunting thought of disapproval spinning in my head, I needed to dive in and just take the plunge, I thought.  I’m in the works of this. I’m currently researching where I should go for my maiden solo voyage.  I am, in a way, doing a female solo trip this upcoming April when I go to India, Thailand ,and Dubai. I will be traveling for 2 weeks with my 16-year-old daughter. so, in reality, I won’t be alone, but I will be the only adult present. With us also both being females raises some eyebrows from some family and friends. I believe with all of my research, and determination, to make this trip not only a success, but also a life changing experience for both of us. I also think this trip will help ease me into my future solo trips. I want to use this as a segway to feeling self-assured that I can travel alone. I also intend to instill this perspective within my daughter.  

I want her to feel like women are not delicate flowers that need to be taken care of;  that women are powerful, confident and able to achieve anything they put their minds to.  

thewanderlustyogi.netThen there is the other reason I struggle with solo travel that  isn’t about safety at all, but about sharing the experience with others.  Because I have never traveled solo, I can only reminisce  about my past travels with someone else. I think about how I normally participate with my fellow travelers ,in discussion, and with a sense of validation of what we are witnessing. I would gaze over to them with the thought , “look at what we are seeing together“.  And that idea, that witnessing something amazing, or enjoying anything, for that matter,  is better shared.

I envision watching a beautiful sunset , or my first glimpse of a historic site ,perhaps, and wonder, would it feel the same, seeing it alone? Would it be as enjoyable, if not shared?


I don’t know the answer to that question. Maybe it will be more enjoyable because I  would have no choice but to be, totally present? I would be noticing, not only what I see, but may be acutely more aware of smells, sounds, a place and its auspiciousness, without  the interruption of someone else’s input, I could truly be in the moment, with myself and my surrounding?

I hope this is the case. I will find out soon enough.

My aim is to emerge myself whole-heartedly, in my impending adventures, and have a desire to involve others in them, by sharing through my photo diary and blog.  It would be of great pleasure for me, to inspire others to travel to foreign lands, through my shared experiences. In a sense, I want to make my solo travels, not so solo, by including readers in my journeys.

This is my goal.

Possibly I will make people feel like they were with me on my adventure through my pictures and stories. This would be very fulfilling to me.  Not everyone has the time or funds to travel the world, me included, but I’m making it my life’s goal. So even if someone can’t jump on a plane for a month-long escapade through Southeast Asia, my blog could teleport them there, from the comfort of living room.  This idea may be a bit presumptuous and boastful, but one must aspire, right?


My plan is to let others share in my travels, to be a spectator of my transformation in hopes to becoming a more tolerant, compassionate and open-minded  person towards other people, their cultures, and ways of living, and to encourage others to do the same.

A few months from now my life as I know it today, will be completely different.  I will no longer be a slave to the 9-5, soul sucking world of the mundane American way. I will be free and being able to finally live my life by my own terms, and living a life that makes me happy. Conventional life has always bored me to death.  Every year that past only made me more restless of wanting to escape this trap. I don’t understand how this life is acceptable to most. I guess I never will? My dream of exploring the world one continent at a time is approaching even faster than I had  thought possible, or even imagined.  I am filled with gratitude, uncertainty and at times, in disbelief.

thewanderlustyogi.netI still plan to take trips with friends and family when they can accompany me, but I look forward to the different perspective traveling solo could give me.  I enjoy alone time every once in a while, but have never been alone for long stretches.  Traveling alone could teach me to be more independent and allow me to develop a relationship with myself that would otherwise be unattainable.  They say that everyone should experience  this at least once in their lives.

Every decision of what path you take is your own, and If you don’t like the path you have chosen, take another one. You only have this one precious life to live. Why not make it the best life possible? These are phrases that often cross my mind and that I say to others.  I decided to take my advice, throw caution to the wind and take a leap of faith to live my passion. Somebody pinch me!


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